A Hundred Towers? / Stověžatá?

Session 30th January 2016

The PCs leave the National Theatre and Libor decides that it’s time for a complex ritual that will take a couple of days. Therefore, Josef is free to do whatever he wants. He realises that he hasn’t seen Kateřina for a couple of days and that a date (with potential benefits) would be a good idea. He calls his love and she agrees to see Josef on Vyšehrad. When they meet she is in a bad mood. Everything is against her – the PCs have captured her sister and keep her away, she expected freedom and wealth after her father was gone but Bianca has taken over his assets and gives Kateřina only a small allowance for which she expects Kateřina to do what she is told. Short: This is not the life Kateřina has imagined!

When she finds out that Josef knows nothing about the whereabouts of her sister she executes the plan B – somehow she has managed to get access to information on a transport of a few pounds of cocaine. If she and Josef were able to ambush the car and steal the drug they could make some money from selling it themselves. Besides that Kateřina would have her fixes ready. Josef is sceptical as the plan is poorly thought out and rather dangerous. But Kateřina uses her “charms” and Josef agrees to give it some thought. In the next few days Josef puts a sensible and realistic plan together. They will acquire some road working equipment, make the van with the drug stop, taser the crew and get away with the drug. Kateřina doesn’t help much during the planning phase as she prefers enjoying the hospitality of Josef’s home with an occasional taste of his blood.

In the meantime Josef manages to acquire some bullet proof jackets, guns, tasers and such. As for the road working equipment they go to Modřany where a big headquarters of Prague Technical Services is. He goes to a pub with one of the workers, pretending to be a worker from another headquarters. With the information provided by this man he and Kateřina manage to fool the porter and Josef gets inside the area. There he manages to decieve more people and gets hold of two sets of working clothes and a few roadblocks and even gets away with all this in a lorry. After that he transports the equipment near the ambush spot and returns to his club for more things. Kateřina, frustrated by lack of money, goes there, too. (“Fuck this! I’m supposed to be the horror of the night! Not to be dragging myself through Prague by tram!”)

The next night Josef and Kateřina prepare the ambush and wait for the van. When it comes Josef manages to convince the driver to open the window and uses the taser on the driver and his companion. Kateřina tries to break into the back of the van but a nasty surprise is awaiting her – a ghoul. They get in a fight and while Kateřina is almost able to overcome the ghoul with her venom, the ghoul prevails and severly wounds Kateřina, incapacitating her. Josef has to transform and attack the ghoul in his wolf form. After more fighting Josef is able to kill the ghoul. He transforms back, parks the van with the dead ghoul and two unconscious mobsters into a sidestreet, takes the drugs and the half-dead passed-out vampire (Kateřina is in her true batform now as the ghoul has destroyed her Flesh Mask and she, being unconscious, can’t create it anew) and decides to hide into the tunnels under the hill Petřín as the dawn is approaching.



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