A DFRPG campaign set in Prague, CZ.

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Praha. Prague. Prag. Praga. An old capital of the Bohemian Kingdom, both independent and as a part of the Habsburg Empire. The capital of the Czechoslovak Republic, both the pre-war democratic one and the post-war Communist one. A witness to many clashes – Catholics versus Hussites and Protestants, Czechs vs. Germans, democrats vs. Nazis and Communists. Once a target of German (1939–1945) and Soviet (1968–1990) occupation forces, today a target of tourists from all over the world. And a capital of the tiny and, frankly, unimportant Czech Republic. You can find this information in tourist guides together with brief historic introductions, maps, even local legends and folklore. And don’t forget beer, of course.

But there is also the actual city, pulsing with life present, breathing with life past. Showing off and hiding deep inside itself at the same time. There are things you can see, there are things that can be only felt and there are things better left unseen and unfelt … for your own good. This is the supernatural Prague where old spooks still roam the premises of the long gone mediaeval town, where the ghosts of Swedish soldiers from the Thirty Years’ War meet the ghosts of German soldiers from WWII, where Vietnamese immigrants from today worship Buddha among the centuries old and now empty Czech Catholic churches of this atheist country, where dissent and internal stalemate have become the way of life, where mortal and supernatural predators watch the city with greedy eyes, where there is a hundred towers…

It’s the city built upon prehistoric settlements of peoples lost and unknown, it’s the city of the old Slavs and their Přemyslid dynasty, it’s the city of Charles IV and his Holy Roman Empire visions, his New Jerusalem, it’s the city of the Hussites who burned down churches while believing in new Christian spirituality, it’s the city of Rudolph II and his dying Renaissance era filled with alchemists, astrologists and strange scholars, it’s the city of beautiful Baroque monuments and of factories from the Industrialisaton era, it’s the city Hitler liked and Heydrich died in, the city of the Communists and their chimeras of a new just society born from a rule of terror, the city of a Velvet Revolution and the not-so-velvet present.

This is Prague. Everyone wants Prague. Who does Prague want? And how many towers are there really?

A Note on Canon: The campaign is set in a world alternate to Jim Butcher’s Dresdenverse. While you can sometimes meet characters who may seem familiar we’re using the novels only for inspiration and our approach has been very liberal. There’s no canon continuity, probably no Harry Dresden (or he’s insignificant as no one really cares about Chicago), no Vampire War, and so on.

A Hundred Towers? / Stověžatá?