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City Name: Praha

Campaign Title: A Hundred Towers? / Stověžatá?

City-Wide Themes And Threats:

  • Theme – “Modern Metropolis” is masking corruption.
    At first sight Prague today seems to be a beautiful, inviting modern Western city. When you look closely and carefully enough you will see much less pleasant details. The streets are dirty. The people are distant. The magic atmosphere is a show for the turists. The economy is a grey one. The Communist mentality is deeply rooted in the minds of the locals. The corruption is sprawling. Clueless snobism, superficial culture, lack of interest in public affairs, parasitic activism. You name it.
    • The Aspect – Beautiful on the Outside, Ugly on the Inside.
  • Theme – Everyone wants Prague. Whom does Prague want?
    Bohemia, with its central position in Europe, has always been a popular target for others. Today is no exception. There are numerous factions, both from the outside and from the inside, which would like to prevail and become the new rulers of the country. The local population, on the other hand, seems to have always been preoccupied with their own business and infighting, unable to resist neither the foreign rule nor their own discordant nature.
    • The Aspect – Weak And Discordant, One Step Forward Two Steps Back.
  • Threat – Times of decisions are coming.
    The city may not know this but it’s living on the edge again. The status quo has developed into an internal stalemate, much to the frustration of all the players involved. The cards will be probably dealt anew. The magic running through the Golden City is shifting and swirling. Centuries-old portents have been activating themselves. The pattern of a hundred spires is breathing with energy. The populations is growing restless. Something is in the air.
    • The Aspect: The Calm Before a Storm


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