A Hundred Towers? / Stověžatá?

Session 9th November 2014

In the aftermath of the last session Bianca approaches Josef and informs him that she has altered the original plans of Karel Petera and is going to buy Josef’s club herself. She makes him the following offer: She will be the owner while Josef remains the tenant and can organise whatever music activities he likes. Bianca won’t care much about the profitability of the club and will even increase the influx of cash (Josef’s Resources skill will be effectively at +1). In return she wants the club to be a safe feeding ground for her RCVs with guaranteed privacy. Additionally, Josef should remain loyal to her and provide assistance if needed. Josef agrees without much hesitation and again the vampire is pleased. The “love” romance between Josef and Kateřina also continues.

Sister Bohuslava opts to remain in a monastery for a while, taking care of Lucie Peterová.

Libor Sova appears at work and his boss confronts him with the fact that he hasn’t been much of a help recently. Then he is assigned a new task – a 13 years old boy has vanished from an orphanage in Bílá Voda and the director wants a private detective to solve the case before the authorities and media take any note of it. Libor goes to Bílá Voda and learns the details from the director. The boy’s name is Karel Suk and he is a distant relative of Josef Suk and Antonín Dvořák. Although the director suspects that the boy has fled, his disappearance during the night remains a mystery as the building was locked and everyone was doing their job as usually. Libor promises to search the building and surrounding grounds thoroughly and when left alone he uses his Sight . He soon learns that the boy was abducted using powerful magic. The trace is difficult to follow but Libor manages to track it back to Prague and directly to the National Theatre. There the trace seems to be blocked by supernatural means and disappears in the old building.

Libor calls Josef and with some help of a former detective colleague who is working as theatre security now the PCs enter the theatre. They both soon start feeling uncomfortable and when Libor uses his Sight he learns two things: 1) The upper part of the theatre seems to be burning magically and 2) there are strange ghostlike beings on the stage among the actors and the boy’s trace ends and dissolves here. First the PCs check the loft. They get attacked by a fiery creature but manage to kill it with a fire extinguisher. In the loft Libor’s Sight reveals that the fire is the actual fire from 1881 when the National Theatre had burned down. Additionally they find out that someone has performed a thaumaturgical ritual here recently. Then they move to the auditorium. Again Libor uses his Sight and discovers that the ghostlike creatures are charming both the dancers and the auditorium. The PCs manage to attack the most powerful spirit and break its possession of the prima ballerina. When this happens the spirit takes on a form of a female dancer and pledges: “Help us, Kašpar is holding us here!” Then the charm is over and the spirits disappear in the loft.

In the following days the press is writing about a “gas leak” and “mass carbon monoxide poisoning” in the National Theatre while the PCs try to learn as much as possible about the 1881 fire and the name Kašpar. They discover the following: A certain Kašpar/Caspar Böhm, a young conductor of mixed German-Czech origin, had been one of the prospective conductors of the soon-to-be-finished National Theatre but vanished at approximately the same time as the theatre burned down. He was believed to have left for Dresden with a company of actors but he never got there. Nevertheless he was never deemed a suspect as the cause of the fire was properly investigated and found (neglect of workers mending the roof). Libor then prepares a complex ritual to locate Kašpar or at least to learn as much as possible about him. Then the duo enters the theatre for the second time. The casting is a success and Kašpar’s ghost appears. Kašpar tries to possess Libor but Libor manages to prevail. As soon as Kašpar’s form dissolves the ghost of the ballerina appears and informs the PCs that the victory is only temporary. Kašpar had originally been her lover and in 1881, in a fit of jealousy, he killed her and several musicians and set the theatre on fire. To free all the ghosts and break the block on Karel Suk’s trace the PCs need to convince Kašpar that his love had never been unfaithful to him and prove her innocence. After that the ballerina’s ghost vanishes.

The PCs leave the theatre and plan on involving Sister Bohuslava.

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