A Hundred Towers? / Stověžatá?

Session 21st February 2016

There And Back Again

After the successful hit on a drugs transport Josef and Kateřina are hiding in old tunnels below the Petřín hill. Or, better said, Josef is hiding there as Kateřina is unconscious because of her wounds and blood loss. Josef tries to examine her but neither is he versed in general medicine nor does he know a lot about a Red Court vampire’s anatomy, so he fails. The ghoul had destroyed Kateřina’s Flesh Mask and Josef is somewhat terrified and repelled by what he can see now – his beloved Kateřina in her true batform. Nevertheless he decides to help her and wants to leave the tunnel and go to the nearby hospital for at least some blood bags. His plans, however, are thwarted by the fact that he is unable to locate the exit. This is more than weird because he can remember himself having carried Kateřina through the tunnel for a few dozens of meters, at maximum. But the corridor seems to wind and fork and the exit is nowhere to be found. Even more curious is that the way back to where Kateřina is lying is always very short and without any junctions. The same counts for Josef’s attempts to go deeper into the hill. Moreover, his werewolf senses detect strange smells – blood, gore, intestines, and these are not Kateřina’s.

Puzzled by that and worried by Kateřina’s worsening condition he decides to help her by feeding her his own blood. As she is unconscious and helpless he cuts himself with a knife, takes Kateřina in his arms and spills some of his blood into her gaping maw. In that moment something about the overall atmosphere changes. The scent of gore intensifies and Josef’s phone, the only source of light dies. Soon, Josef can feel the malicious presence of the other being and is overcome by fear (Incite Fear used as a block). After that the creature attacks him. The combat is tough as Josef can hardly move and doesn’t see anything but in the end he manages to prevail and kill the creature. All he can find after that is just a disgusting pile of warm throbbing intestines (inspiration taken here – I’m planning on using a similar creature, Ma Cà Rồng, more often, namely in connection with the Vietnamese immigrants in Prague as it is a part of the Vietnamese folklore).

With the creature (and also his phone) dead Josef tries to explore the dungeon in his wolf form. The situation changes in that respect that he can go further into the hill and even find an “exit” there. It’s just a simple metal door and when Josef opens it, to his astonishment, he can see a completely unknown landscape lit by moonlight. This doesn’t look like Prague! After a few futile attempts to find the way back to his home city Josef decides to take Kateřina to the exit and explore a little bit more. He soon finds out that the landscape doesn’t seem quite right – it’s too peaceful, too devoid of any sign of human activity, the full moon doesn’t move, etc. In the moonlight he is again able to check on Kateřina’s condition and the result isn’t very optimistic – she is covered in wounds, slowly bleeding thick dark blood, breathing shallowly. Josef takes he to a nearby stream, washes her and binds her wounds and decides to feed her a little blood again. This constant feeding happens partly off-screen but it has the profound effect of interfering with Josef’s Supernatural Recovery in all subsequent scenes – he is constantly having a Mild Physical Consequence.

The way back is closed. Josef is unable to navigate through the tunnels back to Prague. On the other hand, the way forward is opening as Josef finds out that where there was only an open landscape, now is a path. As Kateřina is too heavy to be carried Josef decides to put together a very simple sledge, put Kateřina and the two suitcases with cocaine on it and pull it along the way in his wolf form. After several hours of such travelling and occasional feeding her whenever she starts deteriorating visibly Josef can see a huge cemetery that, curiously, the road traverses. There are lots of headstones and crosses and ghostlike creatures are roaming the premises. Josef considers bypassing the cemetery somehow but its wall stretches from one horizon to the other. The road Josef is going leads to a massive gate and further into the cemetery.

Josef decides to enter the cemetery by himself and, in fact, nothing happens. The translucent ghosts don’t react in any way. Everything changes whe he take the sledge with Kateřina through the gate. All ghosts begin to be restless and move in an erratic way towards her although they don’t seem to see her. The situation is tense and Kateřina starts bleeding again. Josef decides to cross the cemetery as fast as possible but as he is traversing it with the sledge in his wake he spots three ghosts approaching from the opposite direction. All of them seem to have been injured in some way and one of them – a girl – is familiar to Josef. She’s the girl who was murdered in Josef’s club some time ago when Kateřina was also present. These three ghosts can apparently see both Josef and Kateřina clearly. Josef tries to approach them and ask them why they are blocking their way but the only repetitive answer he’s getting is: “She has killed us. Give her to us.”

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